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These are questions asked by Andriy

u := x -> Int(exp(-(xi-x)^2)*exp(xi), xi = -infinity .. infinity, method = _d01amc);

gives an error

u := x -> Int(exp(-(xi-x)^2)*exp(xi), xi = -infinity .. infinity);


u := x-> Int(exp(-(xi-x)^2+xi), xi = -infinity .. infinity, method = _d01amc);


A bug is suspected...


How to present two indexed values a[n] and b[n] in form

a0 = ...,

a1 = ...,    b1 = ...;

a2 = ...,   b2 = ...;

in MathContainer component?


Thank you.

I have a list of the structure like

['true', ['true','false'], ['true',['false','true'],'false'],...]

Is it possible to complete 'and' operation with all elements of list without knowing exact structure of list?

I have a TextArea component on the worksheet. Is it possible to create on the worksheet some number of Sliders, where the number of sliders is defined by the number entered in the TextArea?


I have a simple Maple application with two TextArea components (TextArea0 and TextArea1) inside.

The start up code is following:

Actions := module()
export DoNothing;
    DoNothing := proc()
    end proc;
end module; #Actions

the action when cotents change for both TextArea components is

use Actions in
end use;

The problem:
When I change the focus from one TextArea component to another and press Restart maple server then an error appears:

Error in Component TextArea1 with caption "TextArea": `Actions` is not a module or member.
Haw can it be fixed? Thank you.


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