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These are questions asked by Anthrazit

Are there any established (or not established but cool) methods to exchange data between different worksheets or workbooks?

Actually there are 2 questions.

  1. If I have 2 different worksheets or workbooks open in Maple, and want to exchange data between them.
  2. One workbook, but different worksheets in the same workbook.

Apparently the return value of a GetProperty check is not a boolean variable, but something else.


The Maple Units implementation is really causing a lot of trouble.

Right now I'm getting results in Joule, but I want to convert to kN*m.

Can someone explain to me this?

Without loading Units, conversion works.

When loading Units, regardless of simple or standard, it doesn't work anymore.


Any idea what this could mean?

I'm comparing 2 matrices where one of them is empty, and the other one is unitfree.

I just wonder how it is possible to store data between sessions. What I found out is that if a matrix is connected with a datatable, the matrix data is stored. If it is not connected with a datatable, it is not.

In the attached example there are 2 matrices. If you run the worksheet, both variables are defined as visible in the variable overview.

After reopening without running the worksheet, just the variable connected with a datatable is.

Any ideas how to also get the second variable stored between sessions (obviously not with the same method as used for a)?

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