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These are questions asked by Anthrazit

Is there any possibility to update a DataTable, when the connected Array is expanded?

I've tried to change visibleColumns, but that doesn't show the content unfortunately.

I've somehow understood that sequences are extremly powerful so far. However I have to admit that they are quite complicated to read and understand, and I still am a bit confused how to work with them properly.

The attached example shows a very simple sequence.

My question is - how can I use its results further on?

What I for example would like to have, is a plot, where the first results in the array are the x- values, and the second are used as the y-values. Before that I need to extract both of them into vectors.

Could this be done in one operation, or can I somehow iterate throught the members of the returned values?

We've come over another annoying "feature" in units handling.

Maple isn't able to compare variables that have similar units, but are defined differently (like MPa and N/mm^2).

Did a quick check in Mathcad, seems to work there.

Any chance to get a dataplot with units in one or both axis?

Or is this another thing where units are cause of trouble?

We have just run into a problem (loss of data), when 2 users have opened the same workbook.

Does Maple support Multiuser access to a workbook, and if not - why isn't there any lock mechanism in place to prevent that?

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