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What have I done!

Whatever I have created - Maple doesn't think it is a list.

The question is - what is it then?

Is it possible to define variables with "unit" % or ‰ in Maple?


does not work, it apparently gives you 20 multiplied with the result of the last calculation.

I'm trying to upload a file to Maple Cloud for the first time, but I am getting an error due to the way I use libraries.

The first lines of the startup code in the sheet look like this.

libname := "S:/Maple/NODE_Library", libname;

The libraries are on a network drive on our server.

The question is - how can I solve this? Would it be better to somehow upload those libraries to Maple Cloud (no idea how to do that by the way), or can it be solved in a different way?

When pressing !!! (Execute entire worksheet) it seems to me that startup code is executed.

Is that correct, and if - why is that so?

Got a problem related to values written to a library. One of the values somehow gets lost, and I wonder if I did the definition correct.

The specific problem is, that I have defined a table with an index. The value of mytable["hello"] seems to be missing when reading the library.

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