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You need to arrow right after typing units to get out of the units.

5 crtl+shift+u ft (right arrow) + etc.....

This is where I believe your issue is. 

**edit added** I had a quick look in the user manual, and that minor detail to arrow out of the units was not mentioned, but it's similar to getting out of an exponent or denominator so just a minor miss as it was probably implied.

So initially I thought it would automatically assign to the first units mentioned in the equation, but that doesn't matter.  It seems to be preset to standard SI units. 

It would be nice to have a list of preset preferences the worksheet would work as.  (ie units settings and digits - it would be nice to have a preset number of decimal places shown.  3 decimal places I think was chosen as a happy medium.  However for example - the smallest medium of measure for carpentry is 1/16" which is 0.0625 ( I mean mostly - there are some tape measures out there with 1/32" scales - good for machining, milling or lathe work I guess ultimately at that point you're working with micrometers and calipers which are likely digital).  If it was going to be a set value personally I would have gone with 4 decimal places but ultimately I would let the user choose in a user preferences. 

For MapleFlow2022 the digits option is still only individually chageable by the context panel on the right side.

Optionally wthout using the context menu there is a workaround using the convert string option, you can display the number of decimal places as set in Digits.  Of course this is just an adhoc measure. 

Variable re-assignment works in MapleFlow 2022.

If your data is in a text file, then simply

L:=readdata("c:/test/testdata.txt",integer,1) # read the column of data into list L.

It seems isolate will not isolate multiple additive terms.

Next best thing would be to separate it manually subtracting A from both sides of the equation.



They used to have a free service.  They do have a "free tier" portion where certain services are limited.  But it does not include API calls to static maps.

The command above would need to be modified to


If you're lucky enough to have a free trial period, that would probably work, outside of your free trial since it isn't part of the free tier service you would be billed.  Unless I'm missing something. 

@nmacsai   My post on flashlights would have also yielded the answer you seeked. 

From what I got out of it

  • Whiteboard style interface
  • Designed to be engineering foucesed not math focused
  • Requires Maple 2021 to run

Just to add (and I realize it deviates from the question as to the behaviour of simplify)  the collect command weans it out appropriately.  Why it doesn't happen in simplify just tells me they missed something in the coding of it.

collect(t^2*x^2+t^2*y^2, t^2)
collect(t^2*x^2-t^2*y^2, t^2)

What gets me all the time is why Maple puts the single term at the end.

Another way

sort(f, order = plex(x^y))

Add numpoints=1000 to your plot command.

Maybe the procedure Kitonum created here is what you are after


Not sure what's wrong there.  Perhaps re-installing Maple will allow it to recognize the file.  It's one option.

Regarding the vapor pressure of water using the Thermodynamics package is mysterious.  The syntax is elusive.  Otherwise



where the value would be in mmHg or torr

Another way

L := [A, B, A, C, A, B, D, E, A, F, G, H, H, G, I, P, Q, W, A]:
LL := map(convert, L, string):
aa := [CharacterFrequencies(ii, ii)]:
<<op(map(lhs, aa))> | <op(map(rhs, aa))>>



So this may be a small point but in Quantum physics the general form of a wave packet

WavePacketEquation := Psi(x, t) = Int(A(k)*exp(i(k*x - omega*t)), k = -infinity .. infinity)/sqrt(2*Pi)


So although the equation looks slightly different it's not instantly reconizable.  If we write the math down as we see it, Maple should also be displaying the math as we see (and know) it. 

1/sqrt(2*Pi) is real common in Quantum Physics.  So for it to show as 2/(2*sqrt(Pi)) doesn't make it as elegant so to speak. 

So just for displaying purposes we would need the double quote to display as we've known it.

WavePacketEquation := Psi(x, t) = ''1/sqrt(2*Pi)''*Int(A(k)*exp(i(k*x - omega*t)), k = -infinity .. infinity)

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