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Use listplot after performing the DCT from the SignalProcessing package.  Remember the DCT won't work with a stereo signal so use ToMono to convert your signal.

Seems to be the only way to 0 is to expand first

Generally sometime from March to May and only once has it been released in February.  It will be Maple 2018

Here's a start.  First the noisy clown jpg
Saving the picture to the c:/ drive

Borrowing some help from _Maxim_ in another question.  But I haven't gone further than I have since I haven't figured out how to mask and continue, anyone?





a := Read("c:/clown-noise.jpg")

a := Vector(4, {(1) = ` 1..128 x 1..128 `*Array, (2) = `Data Type: `*float[8], (3) = `Storage: `*rectangular, (4) = `Order: `*C_order})



b := `~`[ln](Array(abs(DiscreteTransforms:-FourierTransform(a)), datatype = float[8], order = C_order));

b := Vector(4, {(1) = ` 1..128 x 1..128 `*Array, (2) = `Data Type: `*float[8], (3) = `Storage: `*rectangular, (4) = `Order: `*C_order})


c := FitIntensity(ArrayTools:-CircularShift(b, 128*(1/2), 128*(1/2))):

Embed(Scale(c, 2))``



3. None of the methods listed on the evalf/Int page can handle this integral:

evalf(Int(1/((1-1/4*t^2)*sqrt(1-t^2)*sqrt(1-4*t^2)), t = 0 .. 3/2));

Although it can be done by splitting the integration range into 0..1/2, 1/2..1, 1..3/2.

None of the methods listed on the evalf/Int page can handle this computation:

Splitting is not required, if you change Int to int there is an answer returned  1.587000405-1.261993177*I

try expand then simplify

You forgot to include the variables after local, just add them after local

local T,Tinv,Dg:

also don't forget the semicolon or colon afterwards.

A colon after end proc:  will prevent Maple from mirroring the procedure in an output.

Another alternate


If you use answer people can vote up (5 points) for your answer if they like it.  Or if you have a good enough question and people like it or favorite it, each is another 5 points.  Using reply to answer, won't allow anyone to vote up your answer.

I'm not sure but it could be font related.  I noticed the language is Danish?  Maybe downloading the Danish font, I don't know.  I loaded your file into Word and Notepad but it was blank - it could be because I don't have the Danish font, maybe someone else could check it out. 

You want to solve for x?

For the first one

                                   eq := -2*x-2 = -4*x+4



You can do the rest.


use quotes around *

withoutstar := StringTools[Remove]("*", convert(a, string))

                                                     withoutstar := "2x-5"

Searching my repository I have surprisingly found the files that are required for this document.
  I have uploaded it.

Instructions on how to install are in the file (the old way packages used to be installed) it used .ind and .lib files.  I'm not sure how that will work with Maple 2017.  

No, your activation code has to be reset, send Maple's customer service team an email at and let them know that you need to reinstall on your new computer.

It could be the fonts aren't loaded for those characters.

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