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I am attempting to use maplev mode for emacs. Ubuntu 20.04.3, Emacs 26.3, maplev-mode from git, release-2.36-59-g142c03. maple 2021.

I copied mload from an older computer and added a line to define maple, after the original maple definition line.

MAPLE=${MAPLE:-maple} # Maple script
MAPLE=/usr/local/Maple2021/bin/maple  <=== added

I compiled and installed maplev-mode. I had to touch doc/version.texi because the file did not exist. But, otherwise, I saw no errors.

I added lines to my emacs init.el as per the

maplev-mode seems to load when I edit a .mpl file.

However, mint is not defined.  Where should I change to define the location of mint?


Tom Dean

line := x/100 - 1/2;
wave := cos(x / 5) * sin(x / 2); ## -1 <= wave <= 1
eq:= line - wave;
r1 := solve(line < -1); ## RealRange(-infinity,Open(-50))
r2 := solve(line > 1);  ## RealRange(Open(150),infinity)
## There are 27 solutions in RealRange(-50,150)

I searched Questions.  Found many solutions.  The only one that seems to work is Student[Calculus1]:-Roots()

Is there another way to do this?

In a thesis by Md. Mohsin Ali at the University of Ontario, he says that ifactor uses multiple threads and presents a graph of measured results.

I ran ifactor with a 100 digit input and do not see mserver using multiple cores in top.  I do see mserver using 100% of a single core.

Am I missing something?


kilobytes used=921, alloc=1200, time=0.09
kilobytes used=1325, alloc=5296, time=0.13


kilobytes used=107733, alloc=9228, time=6.64

Process Maple segmentation fault (core dumped)

No matter what I do from the keyboard, a core dump is not a reasonable response.


eq:= x^2-y^2*z-y*z^2;


memory used=177.9MB, alloc=44.3MB, time=2.29
Initializing Java runtime environment.
munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer
Error, (in Maplets:-Display) computation interrupted


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