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What is happening at f(0)?

Look at

I have done something but what?

I want to use maple notation for input and  output.

I have done something to mess this up.

How do I get rid of the typesetting messages?

How do I plot a volume of revolution? I can plot other volumes using Student[Calculus1]]:-VolumeOfRevolution, but not this one. I get a blank plot. I do get the correct volume from output=value..

How do I plot this using plot3d?

a := 0; b := 1;
f := (x) -> x^2+2;
g := (x) -> 1/2*x+1;
V := int(f(x)^2 - g(x)^2,x=a..b)*Pi;

How do I characterize this equation set? I think it has 6 solutions, equal in pairs, or 3 distinct solutions.


eq1 := x = (((72*5^(3/2)+270)*a^2-1344*5^(3/2)*a)*w+(9*5^(5/2)-1485)*a^2-2016*5^(3/2)*a-12544*5^(5/2))/(((288*sqrt(5)+216)*a^2-5376*sqrt(5)*a)*w+(36*5^(3/2)-1188)*a^2-8064*sqrt(5)*a+6272*5^(3/2)):

eq2:= a^3 = -(128*5^(5/2)*w)/9+(1600*w)/3+(544*5^(3/2))/9+15200/27:

eq3:=1+w+w*w = 0:##   or w = (sqrt(3)*%i)/2-1/2;

for s1 in [solve(eq2,a)] do
    for s2 in [solve(eq3,w)] do
        subs(a=s1, eq1):
    end do;
end do;

Irrespective of what help says, both series and taylor return series(...) rather that big-O expression

From help:

> series(x/(1-x-x^2), x=0);
> taylor(sin(x),x=Pi);

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