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I am having problems setting up plots on a new computer.

Error, plot driver not found
preplot = [], postplot = [], plotdevice = x11, plotoutput = terminal, plotoptions = ``

I am attempting to add the contents of a variable based on the contents of another. There should be some way to do this without looping. I get errors when trying to do this with seq. I seem to not understand evaluation...

How do I do this?

## generate some values like in the real app
N := sort([seq(seq(10*(2+jdx)+roll(),jdx=1..5),idx=1..10)]):
V := 10*seq(roll()+10*trunc(N[idx]/10),idx=1..nops(N)):

## generate index for sum. This groups the values for sum
sumidx := [seq(floor(N[idx]/10)-2,idx=1..nops(N))];

## create and zero sum variable
S := 0 *~convert(convert(trunc~(N/10),set),list);

## calc sum and display it - This works
for idx to nops(sumidx) do
    S[ sumidx[idx] ] += V[idx]:
end do:

## error because sumidx[idx] is not evaluated ?????
S := 0 *~convert(convert(trunc~(N/10),set),list):
seq('S'[ sumidx[idx] ] += V[idx], idx=1..nops(N));

## This works 'S' delays evaluation and sumidx[idx] is evaluated in
## the function call
f := proc( A, B )
    A += B:
end proc:
## zero sum variable
S := 0 *~convert(convert(trunc~(N/10),set),list):
seq(f('S'[ sumidx[idx] ], V[idx]),idx=1..nops(N)):

I am trying to decide O of times fo a computer process. I thought it was n^2*log(N) or something like that.

With 12  points, it may be hard to determine if O(N^4), etc.


What/Whare are the maple initialization files.

I have a problem with libname.

According to maple help, I should create/modify ~/.mapleinit.

> cat ~/.mapleinit

libname := "/usr/local/Maple2021/lib","/home/tomdean/maple/toolbox/maplev/lib","/home/tomdean/maple/toolbox/Syrup/lib";

But, when I start maple (in emacs), libname is only the first part, "/usr/local/Maple2021/lib",

I installed the cloud version of Syrup with xmaple, by clicking the cloud icon, etc. It is loaded with xmaple and cmaple. But, not in maple running in emacs.

(**) Error, invalid input: with expects its 1st argument, pname, to be of type
{module, package}, but received Syrup

Tom Dean

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