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Did I do something wrong here... I want isolve to find at least one solution ... > restart; > isolve(5*x^2+11*x*y-5*y^2=11); > subs({x=1,y=1},5*x^2+11*x*y-5*y^2); 11
From a Maple help page

What do you think of the -1^n with no parentheses?

Maple 13, Mac OS 10.5.7 It seems that when choosing export from a menu (for example to export a graphic), I get as the default directory not "currentdir" (which the user can change) but "homedir" (which the user cannot change). True? Some rationale for this?
Suppose I made a 3D geometric diagram in Maple. I want to put it on a web page, so that anyone browsing there can see it and rotate it... Like this one.... http://www.javaview.de/demo/PaViewModels.html Does JavaViewLib work with Maple 12? The latest mention seems to be Maple 10 in 2007... Alternatively, what other ways are there to do this?
Well, I started a thread that is getting lots of discussion. That's good. But I'm getting an e-mail notification of new posts many times a day. Now in my account preferences I have checked "Once a Day" but I guess that is only for private messages. Is there a way to reduce forum subscription notices to once a day?
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