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Hello I´m trying to plot the fowllowing function using maple without success: f:=t->sum(Dirac(t-k*pi),k=1..20); it seems to be syntax right. Then when I try to plot it using plot (f(t),t=-10..10); I do get an error message: Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct Error, empty plot What is happening?
Here is my Problem. Im trying to do some calculations with matrices included. Suppose I have a Matrix A and one B. I wanna create a new Matrix call it C (diagonal) like this. c_ii = sum(a_ik^2 * b_kk, k = 1 .. n) I get an errormessage sayin: "Error, bad index into Matrix" How can i force Maple to evaluate the Matrixentries first before trying to sum them up. At least I think thats the problem. I tried to pack them into a function like (i,j) -> A[i,j] which didn't work either. Thanks for your help Michael
Hello, I am trying to plot one value of a multi valued function in Maple 9. I am using the code below to try to plot I1 vs. Vin but it doesn't work. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks! -Joel > restart: > Digits := 16: > with(plots): > Is := 10^(-14): > Vt := 0.026: > M := 10: > Rl := 10e3: > R1 := 600: > R2 := 3e3: > soln := (Vin)-> 'fsolve({0 = -I1 + Is*exp((Vin - (I1*R1 + (I1 + I2)*R2))/Vt), 0 = -I2 + Is*exp((Vin - (I1 + I2)*R2)/Vt)}, {I1, I2})': > plot(rhs(soln(Vin)[1]), Vin = 1..2);
I've read it again... and again... and again. It's a very simple calculator program, why is this not working? > with(Maplets[Elements]): > MapleCalculator:=Maplet > [ > ["Field 1", TextField['TF1'](10)] > , > ["Field 2", TextField['TF2'](10)] > , > [Button ("Calculate", Evaluate('TF3' =('TF1' + 'TF2'))] > , > ["Value: ", "TextField['TF3'](10)] > ]: > Maplets[Display](MapleCalculator); Error, `]` unexpected
Recently, working on Nested Verification, I took a look at the whattype procedure. First, I couldn't find any use of local variables t1, t2, L, k1, k2 declared in it. That seems odd. Second, the order of types in it seems to be not exactly right. In particular, symbol is located earlier than `module`. Also, some types are missing, record for example. That leads to not recognizing modules and records,
r := Record( 'a', 'b' ):
m := module() end:
Similarly to the compact and efficient version of Nested Verification, I wrote a "compact and efficient" version of whattype,
This is my first post here... My algorithm is about the 3x+1 problem. I want to test if some types of numbers have a stoping time. Until now i managed to do it by just testing one type of number each time... So i would like to automate the proccess... Here is an example: > k := 16 n + 3 > while modp(k, 2) = 0 or modp(k, 2) = 1 do if modp(k, 2) = 1 then k:= (3n+1)/2 elif modp(k,2)=0 then k:=k/2 end do k Well this example will produce k= 9n+2, which is smaller than the original 16n+3 so I know that numbers of the form 16n+3 have a finite stoping time...So it passes my test. If for example i start with k:=16n+7 i will get k=27n+3 which is bigger than 16n+7 so i do not know if this number has a stoping time... so it ''fails'' my test. I hope this is clear to you.
I have a table of data that displays salaries for different jobs and how they have changed over the years. I figure that interpolation would be the best way to fill in the blanks, but im not sure of the correct syntax to accomplish this in maple, I tried using splines but i just couldnt find a suitable example in the help documentation. YEAR| 1975| 1980| 1985| 1990| 1995 ---------------------------------- job1| 7843|11314| ??? |17820|21431 ---------------------------------- job2| 8388|12409| ??? |20694|28362 ---------------------------------- job3|12332|18075| ??? |31112|36980
My questions are formuled in the worksheet. Again sorry for my terrible English. Greetz Pieter Download 2714_Problems.mws
View file details Edit: I have 2 implicit deffined functions. How can I calculate their intersections?
Hi, Is there some way to get maple to replace "arctan(sin(theta)/cos(theta))" with theta? I know that it doesn't always equal theta :-) but I'm switching to and fro and to and fro, between cartesian and polar coordinates and... As a consenting adult, I'd like maple to trust me to be able to keep track of things myself. I tried "assume(theta > 0, theta less than Pi/2)" and that didn't help. (Note: I really used the "less than" symbol but for some reason this post gets cut off by that symbol so I wrote it out...) I also tried "convert(arctan(sin(theta)/cos(theta)),trig)" and "simplify(arctan(sin(theta)/cos(theta)),trig)".
I have a large system of equations that takes a good hour to solve. Each time I save and reopen the worksheet there is another lengthy recalculation on execution after which other operations are carried out. I know how to save individual variables for reuse but what I would like to do is save the session so that the I can pick up from where I left off. Is this possible?

Nested verification can be done in Maple using the following command,

if whattype(x)=whattype(y) then 
if x::Vector then verify(x,y,'Vector'('nested'(args[3..-1])))
elif x::Matrix then verify(x,y,'Matrix'('nested'(args[3..-1])))
elif x::Array then verify(x,y,'Array'('nested'(args[3..-1])))
elif x::array then verify(x,y,'array'('nested'(args[3..-1])))
elif x::set then verify(x,y,'set'('nested'(args[3..-1])))
elif x::list then verify(x,y,'list'('nested'(args[3..-1])))
elif x::relation then verify(x,y,'relation'('nested'(args[3..-1]))) 
elif x::range then verify(x,y,'range'('nested'(args[3..-1]))) 
else verify(x,y,args[3..-1]) fi 
else verify(x,y,args[3..-1])
fi end);

UPDATE!!! I found that my blogpost appers in Maple reporter. You should know, that this blogpost was just a question about how to solve my problem better. Alec Mihailovs gave me and aswer and his solution of testing nested objects is much better. If you still want to use my piece of code, you should remove "set object" form "convertAMVStolist" procedure and replace all occurrences of "hastype" with "type" (as mentioned in comments below).

This piece of code should be able to test two objects (not of every type) for equivalence (like testeq() does). The benefit is, that it should be able to test also nested objects. Is there any other and more simple way how to do that? How to test nested objects in sets?

Hello, can you help me with my problem? If I want to verify two objects like this > a:=exp(I*x)=0; > b:=cos(x)+I*sin(x)=0; I can use the command > verify(a, b, 'relation(testeq)'); But how can I verify equality of more complicated objects, for example > a:={exp(I*x)=0, x^2-x}; > b:={cos(x)+I*sin(x)=0, x*(x-1)}; The command > verify(a, b, 'set(testeq)'); is (of course) not enough. Is there a way how to do it? How to compare the objects recursively? Mayby the solution is to write my owv verification object, but I don't know how to do it. Is it possible to define a procedure and use it in such way?
Hi All, Firstly, I tried doing a search on the forums but couldn't find the answer, so my apologies if this has been covered before. All right here it goes... say i've got the following eqn: A = Bx^2 + Cx + D and I want to make B the topic of the equation. How would I do it in Maple? Please note that I'm completely new to Maple, and I'm aware that the above equation isn't the proper syntax. Thanks in advance for your help... cheers! Ganesh
Please, could anybody help me with this integral, where y is higher than 0? Int(Int(1/((1+y*(cos(x)+cos(z)))^(1/2)),x = 0 .. pi),z = 0 .. pi); Thank you a lot for help. D. Reyes CBPF-Brazil.
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