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You use curly braces, ie '{}' as a container. Within Maple such curly braces designate a set, and Maple will always display sets in "lexicographic" order.

Since order has no meaning for entries in a set, trying to "sort" a set is meaningless. You can only sort lists, Arrays etc where the concept of order meaningful

See the attached for examples of sorting sets, lists, Arrays, and note that sorting of sets doesn't do anything useful

For future reference

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# Try sorting sets - won't work because
# order is meaningless in a set
  sort( {abs(alpha[1]-30),abs(alpha[2]-30),abs(alpha[3]-30),abs(alpha[4]-30)}, `<`);
  sort( {abs(alpha[1]-30),abs(alpha[2]-30),abs(alpha[3]-30),abs(alpha[4]-30)}, `>`);
# Do the same thing with lists, where order is significant
  sort( [abs(alpha[1]-30),abs(alpha[2]-30),abs(alpha[3]-30),abs(alpha[4]-30)], `<`);
  sort( [abs(alpha[1]-30),abs(alpha[2]-30),abs(alpha[3]-30),abs(alpha[4]-30)], `>`);
# You can also sort entries in an Array()
  sort(Array([abs(alpha[1]-30),abs(alpha[2]-30),abs(alpha[3]-30),abs(alpha[4]-30)]), `<`);
  sort(Array([abs(alpha[1]-30),abs(alpha[2]-30),abs(alpha[3]-30),abs(alpha[4]-30)]), `>`);

alpha := [2, 3, 4, 5]


{25, 26, 27, 28}




{25, 26, 27, 28}




[25, 26, 27, 28]




[28, 27, 26, 25]




Vector[row](4, {(1) = 25, (2) = 25, (3) = 25, (4) = 25})




Array(%id = 18446744074423548974)





Vector[row](4, {(1) = 25, (2) = 25, (3) = 25, (4) = 25})




Array(%id = 18446744074423548974)





Download sortSet.mw

Is possible to solve this differential equation by maple?



I'm using the eBookTools package to convert a .mw file as a chapter into a PDF file. However, a problem arises when I convert a document with a few repeated plotting commands (such as plot(x^2)). The issue is that in the final PDF the images of the various plots overlap, and that the individual plots can't be clearly seen. Is there a resolution to this?


Is package SumTools supposed to be a superset of the sum command in Maple? Or is it supposed to be a complementary to it? When should one use SumTools vs. sum?

The help on SumTools says

The SumTools package contains commands that help find closed forms of definite and indefinite sums. The package consists of three commands and three subpackages.

But does not make it clear when to use it vs. sum or what is its relation to sum command.

I am asking because on one example, sum is able to give an answer, while SumTools can't. I have expected the other way, where if sum failed, then one will try SumTools.

sum(1/n*sin(n*x),n=1..infinity) assuming 0<x,x<Pi

SumTools:-IndefiniteSummation(1/n*sin(n*x),n=1..infinity) assuming 0<x, x<Pi




I am trying to solve CVRPSD by integer L shape method. I have some problems.

d=(0, 20,20,25,15,10): Demand
p=(1,1,1/3,1/2,1/4): the probability demand

1) How to write properly Recourse Policy (Q) in maple (I attached my problem) ? Recourse (Penalty cost) is applied when the demand exceed the vehicle capacity. We know that in CVRPSD, we don't know the demand until vehicle arrive at the node(customer).
(Look at my program)

Hopefully anybody could help me to solve this.

Thank you any way.

for example, there is an expression exp1=(a+b)*(a+c),  I want to find all the position in DAG of a specific operand, such as 'a' ; also I want to find the position in the DAG of  sub-expression which type is '+' .
 is there any function in maple which can return the  integers indicating position of an operand or type in an expression? i.e. with this function, assume its name is 'find',then
find(exp1, a) will return  [1,1],[2,1];
find(exp1,'+') will return  [1,0],[2,0];


i got a problem to solve 2 nonlinear  pde equation that are not coupled but there is 8 coupled boundary condition. i can use pdsolve in maple.anyone can help me in numerical solving of these pdes?

This is using Maple 2018.2.1 and using Physics version MapleCloud 289 on windows 10, 64 bit with lots of RAM (64 GB). The call to timelimit hangs. Is there a workaround?


#and in new execution cell

pde :=  diff(w(x,y),x)-((k+1)*x^k*y^2- a*x^(k+1)*tan(x)^m*y + a*tan(x)^m )*diff(w(x,y),y) = 0;
cpu_time := timelimit(180,CodeTools[Usage](assign('sol',pdsolve(pde,w(x,y))),output='realtime'))






I'm a long-time Maple user and have used the CodeGeneration package in the past, but with a recent download of Maple 2018, I'm now getting an error I have never gotten before. Even when I do something simple (see below, for example), I get an error that reads "Error, (in clear) argument `` is incorrect or out of order". And I get this error no matter which language I choose. Any help would be much appreciated.

> with(CodeGeneration)

> R(exp(x))




Suppose that A is an nxn matrix over the finite field Z:=GF(2,q) for some q. I wan to get the smitform of A over Z. First I used the package  


and after that I applied the command 

S := SmithForm[Z](A)

but the mentioned command made some errors. In fact, I do not how to define commands igcdex, iquo, irem, sign and abs for SmithForm over finite fields.

Thanks for any suggestions 

how I can find solutions for non linear equations.

I want to find non zero solution.

thank you


Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ZAH.mw .

Download ZAH.mw

I get this problem in a paper published in 2011. there is a table which compares the solution of a differential equation and gives the range of initial guesses. I got confused when saw maple and approximated maple, please any help me 

I'm attaching the link of paper. Please have a look at table 3. 


Dear all,
How can I input different spacesteps in numerical solution of PDE (Heat equation) with pdsolve of Maple?

For example, the x range is x=0..L,
and I'd like to solve the PDE with spacestep1=L/100 for x=0..a and spacestep2=L/10 for x=a..L.

Thank you in advance!

Why Maple doesn't calculate this and only rewrites it??



invlaplace(exp((0.2500000000e-1-2.500000000*sqrt(0.116e-3+.8*p-3.2*10^(-10)/(p+0.2e-4)))*x)/p, p, t);

iqt + aqxy + ibq (qq*x − q*qx) = 0. write this equation in maple

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