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How do people test BIBD design in maple?

what are the different when using different field when test design ?

how to design a game that is suitable for the specified field of the design?

How can I activate my maple 13?

I have no activatIon left but installed maple


My purchase Code is BNN7VMT4BPFN7ESG

Thank. You 


     I am new to Maple and my task is to find an analytical solution of Lateral Vibrations of Beams. Even though I referred this forum to get an idea about solving a fourth order ODE bvp,I still couldn't find the solution. Although a non trivial solution exists for this case, Maple is still returning a trivial output(i.e the determinant is not returning zero). I need to find the value of constants C1 to C4 but I am unable to understand what the error is. I have attached the file containing my current solution below.


Any help will be appreciated,

Kind Regards,




How to generate any possible points projective plane for sets of numbers?

bonus is any possible field

Hi Users!

Hope you all are fine here. I want to draw a graphs like this





Please help me how to make this for x when y(x) on x-axis and y(x-0.8) on y-axis. I am waiting your positive response. 



Sorry, I comment not for answering question.

I want to ask a question, but I can't enter any 'Tags', but they need at least one tag.

There is not any text box where I can enter a tag.

Who can help me?


I computed A and B matrices, now I want to write it in state space reperentation.

diff(x(t), t) = A*x(t)+B*u


diff(x(t), t) = (Vector(6, {(1) = diff(alpha(t), t), (2) = diff(alpha(t), t, t), (3) = diff(y(t), t), (4) = diff(y(t), t, t), (5) = diff(theta(t), t), (6) = diff(theta(t), t, t)}))

So I calculated A*x(t)+B*u and got this:

(Vector(6, {(1) = diff(alpha(t), t), (2) = diff(alpha(t), t, t), (3) = diff(y(t), t), (4) = diff(y(t), t, t), (5) = diff(theta(t), t), (6) = diff(theta(t), t, t)})) = (Vector(6, {(1) = 0, (2) = k/(J*R), (3) = 0, (4) = k/(M*R*r), (5) = 0, (6) = -k/(M*R*r*l)})).e+(Vector(6, {(1) = diff(alpha(t), t), (2) = -k^2*(diff(alpha(t), t))/(J*R), (3) = diff(y(t), t), (4) = -k^2*(diff(y(t), t))/(M*R*r^2)-m*g*theta(t)/M, (5) = diff(theta(t), t), (6) = k^2*(diff(y(t), t))/(M*R*r^2*l)+(M+m)*g*theta(t)/(M*l)}))

where u=e but the formation is not A*x(t)+B*u anymore. How can I enforce Maple to output the result in the form of A*x(t)+B*u?

‏‏‏‏I want to solve partial differential equation by adomian decomposition method, I have a mistake  in define the nonlinear term, then  the calculations of integral does not display , can anyone help me please


Recently, my post is deleted without my knowledge.



I get this message everytime I am trying to open my worksheet: "Recover Corrupt File and Save As"



Is it possible to save table settings (and set a new default), so I dont have to manually change the "indent" number in every table i make in a document?


Its not possible to save the settings in the table menu itself, and there is no "table" option under preferences.

Almost Happy maple user on macbook pro 18


I need help for two exercise. In the first I have in the secondary circuit nothing, in the second exercise un inductor.thanksinduzione_fra_due_circuiti.msim


I want to solve system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations numerically using the variational finite
element method (FEM). is it possible to solve on Maple? If anybody have a idea please share with me. I attach the image of my problem which I am tryimng to solve.

There was a streamlines question that has dissappeared.  Where did it go?  Why was it deleted?

1) start cmaple.exe;

2) type "proc(x, x);", and watch Maple die;

3) Request a refund from Maplesoft.

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