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Dear Maple experts,

I am running a Maple code with several lines/ curves in a plot.

For two of the curves, I use style=pointline. But in the legend the symbols on the lines are not shown. Can you advise how we can make them appear?

I have attached the file. Thank you so much! 

Download LegendPlot.mw

When i try to log on to my maplesoft acount on Maple 2023 i get a messeage saying "Sign in Error: Please check your credentials and try again." i have done this multiple time double checked my password and everything, but it won't let me log on... what do i do?

Hi @Acer, and of course also hi to the whole mapleprimes comunnity.

I have a problem with the Phasors module. Very often I have to use the evalc in calculations involving phasors. Sometimes it might make sense, since one of the involved variables are not defined as a phasor.

May I suggest that you upgrade the phasors module to a package Acer? I'd be honored to help in the testing.

Besides I have the same experience as mentioned in this question (bear over with me it's years since already): Maple 2020 Sheet now opening in 2021, 2022, and 2023 results in errors.


attached some examples:







I'm just working on som electricity tasks and have to calculate thre phase power in alternating current systems. I use the SI system and have checked that with UsingSystem() -> SI and GetUnits() -> voltampere[power], voltampere_reactive[power] among others, so everything should be alright, but why can't I then choose theese units from neither the Units Palette, the Context Panel or right click menu option Convert Output Units?

convert(expr, units, var) and convert(expr, units, VA) works but my students and colleagues won't be satisfied with that.

Thank you for any help.

Is there a way to delete frames arround the legend in a plot?

I have a calculation sheet that used to work in Maple 2020 and earlier, but with an upgrade to versions 2021 to 2023 the same errors are appearing. The sheet still functions fine in 2020 but unknown why these errors appear when using 2021 thru 2023.

Does anyone know what might have changed with the later versions to result in these types of errors?

Hi . My question is about writing a gravity equation, which I explained comprehensively I  explain in the PDF linked below, and I need the code for this equation in Maple.


I am currently unable to type in maple 2021, there is no cursor, nothing shows up when I type etc. I am also unable to save files. I went into document mode, nothing. Some of the dialogs don't show up. Where does maple save documents and how do I change that setting? That might be my problem. Furthermore, there are no tabs visable, like I can't access any documents I open.

Due to a stupid typing mistake I get this error, "Error, too many levels of recursion". Now the program is frozen and I cannot get rid of the error.  Help!


Im trying to configure Maple's colors by modifying the X11_defaults/Maple file but nothing happens. I set the environment variable MAPLE to point to my Maple installation and load the previous file with xrdb. I am running dwm as my window manager in Arch Linux.

I am frustrated. All help is welcomed. If you have any suggestion for configuring dark mode in a different way, please share your arcane knowledge with me.

Thank you in advance.

I am slightly confused as I can't apply the seemingly correct function to a sequence. It seems like modp does not like my inverse. But I am not aware of any other way of finding the modular inverse.  

a := i -> (1025 - 2^(10 - 2^i))^(-1) mod (1025 - 2^(10 - 2*2^i));

proc (i) options operator, arrow; `mod`(1/(1025-2^(10-2^i)), 1025-2^(10-2*2^i)) end proc








map(i -> i + 1, {seq(1 .. 4)});

{2, 3, 4, 5}


map(i -> 1/(1025 - 2^(10 - 2^i)) mod (1025 - 2^(10 - 2*2^i)), {seq(1 .. 4)});

Error, invalid input: modp received 65599/64, which is not valid for its 2nd argument, m


map(a, {seq(1 .. 4)});

Error, invalid input: modp received 65599/64, which is not valid for its 2nd argument, m




Download example.mw

alias(u = u(x, y, t), f = f(x, y, t));
                              u, f
u := (f+sqrt(R))*exp(I*R*t);
                    /     (1/2)\           
                    \f + R     / exp(I R t)
pde1 := I*(diff(u, t))+diff(u, x, x)+2*lambda*u*abs(u)*abs(u)-gamma*(diff(u, x, t));
   // d   \                /     (1/2)\             \
 I ||--- f| exp(I R t) + I \f + R     / R exp(I R t)|
   \\ dt  /                                         /

      / d  / d   \\           
    + |--- |--- f|| exp(I R t)
      \ dx \ dx  //           

               /     (1/2)\                           2 
    + 2 lambda \f + R     / exp(I R t) (exp(-Im(R t)))  

   |     (1/2)| 
   |f + R     | 

            // d  / d   \\                / d   \             \
    - gamma ||--- |--- f|| exp(I R t) + I |--- f| R exp(I R t)|
            \\ dx \ dt  //                \ dx  /             /


I am using Maple 2023.

When using PDE Numeric Help Side the text sides is not smooth moving when scrolling downwards or upwards.

Any advice what to do????


This is old question https://www.mapleprimes.com/questions/208909-Code-For-Integer-Points-On-Sphere. Now I see this question at here 
 My idea is select all diameters which diameters are perpendicularly from the sphere (x-2)^2 + (y-4)^2 + (z-6)^2 = 15^2. How can I tell Maple to do that?

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