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Here's a possible bug in ExcelTools.

When importing from an Excel file, Maple drops text which is referenced from a different sheet. That does not apply to numbers.

Any ideas why the attached package won't install?

We've been using Maple Cloud previously, but that doesn't work anymore apparently (same problem as stated here,, support case filed previously).

But I can't even get it installed manually either.

Sometimes I find Maple a bit unconsequent regarding indexing, some things start with 0, others with 1.

The ReplaceChild function clearly starts with 1 for example, as you see in the help function.

ReplaceChild( 2 = XMLElement( "NEW", [], "text" ), doc )

replaces the second element in the list.

When using the AddChild function, one has to enter 0.

The AddChild(xmlTree, child, n) command creates a new XML element from xmlTree by inserting the XML element child at the position indicated by n. Parameter n must be less than or equal to the number of children in the original tree xmlTree. The new child node child becomes the n + 1st child of the resulting tree.

The first sentence sounds logical, but I would then expect the position of the first element to be 1. The other 2 sentences in the help file contradict the first one in my opinion. Either the position of the element is 0, as stated in the first sentence - then it also should be possible to get its value in the position 0. Or it is 1, but then it also should have been defined at position 1.

Is it possible in one worksheet of a workbooks to access variables or embedded components in another worksheet programmatically?

As far as I can see it is possible to save and restore variables through the variable browser, so it is also possible to get them from one worksheet to another. This is however done by the user.

Now the question is, if it is somehow possible to e.g. access the contents of a embedded component like a Combobox in a different worksheet of the workbook - without opening the worksheet first?

Apparently when raising an error exception, Maple stops further code.

Is there any possibility to just show a popup message, and then continue with the code after the message?

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