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Is it possible to draw objects in Maple graphically, that are defined by parameters?

Like rectangles with width and height, circles with a radius, triangles, etc.

Is it possible to check, if a component - like a combobox - exists?

Is it possible to generate a XMLElement by using part of the code to be generated with a string, or are the only methods a strict use of AddAttribute and AddChild?

Hope the code below explains what I mean. The first line is a strict copy of a declaration in the help file.

The question is if I could use some part of the definition which is saved in the str variable and combine it into the first declaration?



x := XMLElement("a", ["colour" = "red", "style" = "italic"], ["some content", XMLElement("b", ["colour" = "blue"], "more text"), "still more text"])

_XML_Element(_XML_ElementType("a"), [_XML_Attribute(_XML_AttrName("colour"), _XML_AttrValue("red")), _XML_Attribute(_XML_AttrName("style"), _XML_AttrValue("italic"))], [_XML_Text("some content"), _XML_Element(_XML_ElementType("b"), [_XML_Attribute(_XML_AttrName("colour"), _XML_AttrValue("blue"))], [_XML_Text("more text")]), _XML_Text("still more text")])


str := "["colour"="red","style"="italic"],["some content",XMLElement("b",["colour"="blue"],"more text"),"still more text"]"

"["colour"="red","style"="italic"],["some content",XMLElement("b",["colour"="blue"],"more text"),"still more text"]"





The member command allows testing, if a value is in a table.

But is it possible to check if the index is used, not the value?

L["hello"] := "funny"



member("hello", L)



member("funny", L)





I'd like to generate a string where the first part is changeable, and the second one needs to include apostrophs.


The section until til left bracket can be stored in one variable, but how can I add "allmembers") into the string?

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