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Any idea how I can get the number of elements in an exprseq after a SearchAll command?

numelems apparently is not the right function.



a := "tre - tre - tre"

"tre - tre - tre"


b := SearchAll("-", a)

5, 11






Error, invalid input: numelems expects 1 argument, but received 2





Here's another possible bug related to special characters (like ø, æ, å).

SubString considers each of the characters to be consisting of 2 different other ones.

Related to


a := "Øyeblikk"



SubString(a, 2 .. ())



SubString(a, 1 .. ())



SubString(a, 3 .. ())





Special characters like æ,ø,å are causing some troubles when used in Maple Code attachments in workbooks.

I've managed to get around the problem by using HTML equivalents in the first run, but then this will cause problems when exporting the same strings to Excel.

Funnily this problem just arises in Workbooks, not when using the same code in a code edit region.

What kind of options do I have regarding printing a document to pdf?

Even though the document I have looks nice on the screen, it doesn't fit to a A4 pdf page.

Are there any scaling options, or fit to page anywhere which I did miss?

Any idea of how to import necessary libraries for use in Maple Player?

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