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These are questions asked by Anthrazit

How can I sort lists which have tables as entries, and decide upon which entry the sort should be based.

In the attached example each entry in the list has the values material, name and type.

  • How would I sort the list based on the material name for example?
  • Are there any better methods to define and store the data?

Just curious about an output in an if statement.

Why do I need to use Print() in an if statement, when I don't need it otherwise? Why doesn't "hei" show in the output of the attached example?

I'm trying to readin a XML file, where some figures are attached a unit.

Here's part of the XML file.

When doing the readin and assigning the values to  a variable with AttributeValue, the type of the variable is a string.

How can I convert this string value ("10.*Units:-Unit(m)") to a number attached the defined units?

Why do I get an error when using this:/// during readin of a xml attachment in Maple workbook?

Exceltools Import works without problems.

Any idea why the result of the FirstChild function of the attached file is

_XML_Text("\n  ")

I also miss a more complete example on Maple Help for writing, reading and processing xml files.

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