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These are questions asked by Anthrazit

Just wonder about the status of the public folder in Maple Cloud.

I've tried to upload a file there, but got the reply that the uploaded file is going to be reviewed first. That was end of july.

Sorting files after date shows that the last upload was done in october 2019. Content unknown as it that was in chinese (probably).

It's not really important to me, as I can always find another site to upload stuff, just wondering.

Question regarding output formatting of xml files.

The WriteFile command writes the xmldocument / xmltree out to a file completly, and closes the file. The backdraw is that it isn't formatted nicely.

The PrintToFile command writes out nicely formatted, but the file isn't closed. And the XMLProcessingInstruction is also missing.

If I use Print(xmltree) before the writefile command, I get an error (not a xmltree anymore).

So how do I get nicely formatted XML files?

Are there any examples of worksheets / workbooks that have a file open / save dialogue box?

I'm playing around trying to save data from a worksheet, and would like to have a dialogue box where the user can pick a directory and a name for storing the data.

Are there any established (or not established but cool) methods to exchange data between different worksheets or workbooks?

Actually there are 2 questions.

  1. If I have 2 different worksheets or workbooks open in Maple, and want to exchange data between them.
  2. One workbook, but different worksheets in the same workbook.

Apparently the return value of a GetProperty check is not a boolean variable, but something else.


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