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Is there a way to get a feedback from Maple, if it doesn't find any corresponding proc: to a procedure call?

Right now it takes very much time to bugtrack issues where there might be a spelling error in a call.

See example.

Is there any possibility to modify column width within tables, so that they become equal?

Units are a neverending story, here's a variant of a problem raised before.

How can i get the minimum of 2 values with Units[Standard] loaded, when one of them could be zero (this loosing its units)?

See also 



a := 15*Unit('m')



b := 13000*Unit('mm')



min(a, b)



c := 0*Unit('m')



min(a, c)

Error, (in Units:-Standard:-min) units with incompatible dimensions found: {1, length}





I'm doing som XML readin, and need a bit help in using the HasChild function properly.

The attachment shows that using HasChild on a xmltree works fine, but I can't get i working when using it on a xmldocument. The latter is usually the case when you get when you read in from a file.

I think  the help file regarding searchtext should be more specific regarding the result of the search.

Using searchtext(pattern, string, range), the result will be an integer which indicates the position of the first character from the beginning of the range - not from the beginning of the string.

One of the examples actually shows that.

SearchText("ijklm", "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvWxy", 5..-5);
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