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Has somebody experienced something like that before?

I was searching for a bug in a sheet, and was absolute unable to find out why some results in a sheet were different from another sheet.

Found out that it actually was a pure graphics problem. With normal zoom (100%) the minus signum is not visible.

Blowing up the zoom to 125% shows the signum again.

I can't move files in the navigator window anymore in Maple 2021.2.

Anyone else with the same problems?

Are there any informations about a potential vulnerability in Maple due to the Log4j bug?

Maple is running on Java...

From the help file in StringTools - Split:

There is no information about how this is done, though.

Apparently it isn't possible to access components in a workbook from procedures from a library.

Just wanted to know if that is correct, or if I am missing something here.

E.g. this procedures should delete contents of TextAreas with endings defined in a list of variables. Works nicely in the workbook, but when putting the procedure in a library, it apparently doesn't work anymore.

ResetCombobox := proc (var::set) local i; for i in var do if ComponentExists(cat("TextArea_", i)) then SetProperty(cat("TextArea_", i), value, 0) elif ComponentExists(cat("ComboBox_", i)) then  else Advarsel(cat("No component found for ", i)) end if end do end proc



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