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I started a thread about maplev-mode on March 1, 2024.

Joe Riel replied.

A couple days later, I attempted to reply to Joe's question. The blue 'Submit' bar continued to flash, never stopping.

I asked this question a few days ago, but, it was deleted as 'Spam'.

This is not spam.

Tom Dean

Ubuntu 22.04.

I have Maple-202[1-3] and an old installation of maplev-mode. maplev-mode fails to work.

In the emacs messages buffer, I see (typed from memory):

loading maple
maple loaded
maple not running

I removed all of maplev from my system.
I tried installing from the downloaded (RELEASE-=NOTES says 3.0.5).
make install fails:

> pwd
> make install
Makefile:27: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target ''.  Stop.

I tried installing from the cloud, but, failed. The error message (even run as root)

Error, (in PackageTools:-Install) permission denied

Will maplev-mode work?

Tom Dean

> ode_sys:=2*diff(x(t),t$2) + 6*x(t) - 2*y(t) = 0, diff(y(t),t$2) + 2*y(t) - 2*x(t) = 0:
> lsol:=inttrans:-laplace({ode_sys},t,s)

The displayed output has an unresolved  "=  inttrans/laplace`(0, t, s)" on the end.

> lsol

Does not. Why?

I think the GF function, input, accepts out-of-range inputs.

From ?GF: The G:-input and G:-output commands convert from an integer in the range 
  "0 .. p^k - 1" to the corresponding polynomial and back

The first GF was from a typo. I think it should have produced an error message, according to help.
If I understand correctly, GF(7,1) should only have 7 members.
The second GF is to allow the input 28856.

Tom Dean

This worksheet loses contact with the kernel. I asked Tech Support. How do I report a bug?

The last line was a typo, but, it should not lose contact with the kernel...

After executing the print statement,

> 1

produces the error message.

Tom Dean

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