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Hi senior, I am using Maple 2022 version. I am facing a issue regrading opening of maple worksheet. If connected with wifi then maple worksheet will open and work properly, while i disconnected the internet, maple crashed and pop up a message to activate license again..

is their any comman to increase dpi such as 600,900 or prduced high quality graphs rather then increase or decraese in thickness of actual graph?

He Seniors, How to increase the quality of graph by puting command in ploting command according to required desire


Hi seniors, I have solved some questions of derivative, intgration and limits by using built in command. I am interested to you show full step of each questions. Could any one plase help  me in this regards


Hi experts, I know built in command to solve definite integral by using simpson and trapezoidal rule but i need to show step which is given in the example to satisfy his students of grade 12. Please help me to solve this example

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