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Need help to plot a graph along x-axis  in attached worksheet. 


Hi, is it possible to convert mathematica files into maple. i was trying to upload mathematica file here but got failed, so uploading mathematica file into pdf. could anyone can help me to convert these file into maple.


Hi, I am looking for the solution of a nonlinear differential equation. I have already solved by uisng analytical method and i am interested to compare my results with numerical solution. For detail please find my maple work sheet.


Hi respected members, `looking for the numerical solution of nonlinear ode after converting into the first-order ode by using shooting method with  Rk45 method for different value of beta `( less than 1)  and for a fixed value of p=2.


Hi, I want to draw a 3D graph already drawn in 2 D but have an issue. pls, do correct my mistake. one more thing, I want to show the legend inside empty space of the graph. pls help me to fix this issue


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