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Hi Everyone; I have plotted two different expressions separately and then shown them in a single graph. From the final display, we can observe that the peak of one expression, A is larger than that of another expression B. Now, the question is, how do I calculate the decrease or increase in the percentage of both curves? This means the peak of expression A is 20%, 8%, or 7% decreases or increases as of expression A.


more explanation, each curve has its maximum point at some value of x, need to calculate that point for each curve. Then, we combined all curves we observed that the peak of each curve is smaller than others, so I am interested to observing that difference in percentage at the maximum value of x.

for reference, I uploading a file of which idea I want to implement for my problem. This is not my problem, but I want to implement it like this.


Hi senior, i am trying to customize the range for horizontal axis means in my case y axis but got error, also trying to give different color for outcomes. Please help in this regards.


Hi every one, I am trying to find a relation from an equation by putting it is equal to zero but could not get the solution.


Hello, everyone. I have plotted a simple equation and now have the following observation regarding it.

1- How to change or control axis style mean style like bold, colour change etc?

2-  How to change or control the font, colour and style of numbers written automatically by maple while plotting on the axis (x-axis, y-axis)?

3- How to change the font, style and colours of labels?

The problem I am facing is that whenever I save or import any graph as png or jpeg and then paste it into MS word, it's quality or pixel changes and it looks very bad. is there any way to save and paste good-quality pictures into documents that means DPI?


Hi senior, I am using Maple 2022 version. I am facing a issue regrading opening of maple worksheet. If connected with wifi then maple worksheet will open and work properly, while i disconnected the internet, maple crashed and pop up a message to activate license again..

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